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Apple In Major Bidding War For Next Jennifer Lawrence Movie

Apple are set to win a bidding war for Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie. The Hunger Games actress will return to screens this year after a long hiatus.

Apple are in a major bidding war to secure Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie. The Kentucky actress won over the hearts of movie audiences with her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and followed the series up with a mixture of prestige and blockbuster projects. Lawrence has taken a career hiatus since 2018’s Red Sparrow but will soon mount a comeback with Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, also starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Lawrence remains a coveted performer in Hollywood, boasting Oscar-winner credentials and wide audience appeal.

According to Deadline, Apple is set to prevail in a major bidding war to win Lawrence’s new project, a biopic about Sue Mengers. Mengers was a talent agent for the stars of the “New Hollywood” generation during the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s. She was remembered as larger-than-life, witty, and almost as famous as some of her clients. Bette Midler previously brought Mengers to life in a stage play. Netflix was previously in the mix for the project but is not expected to land the picture. Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, who created and directed The Young Pope for HBO, will direct.

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Moviegoers will be pleased to see Jennifer Lawrence return to the screen. The actress is sometimes criticized for landing parts outside of her wheelhouse (including Raven in the X-Men prequel films), so it will be interesting to see her step into a role previously played by Midler. This is not the only biopic Lawrence is set to feature in – she will also play disgraced businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes in Adam McKay’s Bad Blood.

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Source: Deadline

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