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Iron Man’s Healing Powers Take His Abilities Too Far

Iron Man has technology that can heal his fellow heroes, which is the latest revelation showing Tony seemingly has an answer for everything.

Warning! Spoilers for Daredevil #33 by Marvel Comics below

There’s little doubt Tony Stark is one of the most brilliant problem solvers in comics, as Iron Man has come up with incredible inventions and solutions time and time again in some of the most challenging moments. However, after recently revealing he created technology capable of healing his fellow Avengers, it begs the question of whether Marvel Comics is taking Iron Man’s abilities too far.

It’s not exactly a new idea to have Stark create a seemingly impossible piece of technology to save the day, as he’s built a reputation for doing precisely that. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark cracked the solution for time travel in a single night, which shows how brilliant the hero truly is. Iron Man has come up with on-the-fly solutions to incredible problems in the comics as well, such as building his own living armor to take on the King in Black. However, recently Marvel has made it seem like Iron Man has no limitations when fighting impossible odds.

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In Daredevil #33 by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles, Iron Man saves Daredevil from a near-death experience against Bullseye and his clones, bringing her back to his home base to help her recover. When Elektra wakes up, Tony Stark reveals that he had nanobots “go to town” on her injuries but that they’re still healing her stab and gunshot wounds, as well as her broken bones. While the line about healing seems unimportant, it’s the latest ability Stark has manufactured that makes it seem like he has no limitations.

Daredevil Elektra Iron Man

In the last month alone, different Marvel Comics stories have featured Iron Man using his tech to become a healer, using his tech to become a sharpshooter on Hawkeye’s level, as well as having the hero build mechs that mimic the powers of his fellow Avengers. While Iron Man is one of the Marvel Universe’s premier tech experts and inventors, it seems like he’s always finding something to help against the odds – and it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous.

Part of what makes Christopher Cantwell and Cafu’s current ongoing Iron Man series so great is Tony’s plans fail, and the hero is left to deal with the consequences. In the rest of the Marvel Universe, Iron Man has become a one-person MacGuffin who seemingly has invented every possible solution to whatever comes his way. Part of what makes Iron Man such a good hero is he’s defined by his limitations as much as his abilities, so it might be wise to stop using him to solve so many impossible problems with such ease.

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