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Love in Paradise: Martine Grills Steve Over Suspicious Texts in Teaser

Martine grills Steve over suspicious texts in a Love in Paradise teaser. She reads a text that says “Are you awake?” while the DJ was in the shower.

Martine from Love in Paradise: The Caribbean grilled Steven over a suspicious text in a teaser. Steven broke Martine’s trust in their relationship when he cheated on her while the two dated long-distance. Trust is not always easy to repair and Martine voiced her concerns to Steven’s mother while visiting his family in Barbados. The reality star from Miami found herself in another compromising situation when she discovered a suspicious text in a teaser. 

Fun was in the air when Martine and Steven met on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago. Martine was on vacation in Barbados and the two had a common interest in nightlife. The pair found themselves grinding on the dance floor and into each other’s lives after Steven asked Martine to dance. Although switching partners might be acceptable on the dance floor, the same can not be said of switching partners when in a relationship. Martine found out that Steven cheated on her while they tried to make the long-distance thing work. The reality star confronted Steven’s mother in an uncomfortable discussion about whether she could trust Steven after his infidelity. Steven’s mother told Martine that she could trust her son. His mom later confessed that she would not tell Martine but would confront Steven if there was a reason for Martine not to trust him.

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According to Us Weekly, there is trouble in paradise again for the couple after Martine found a suspicious text. Martine said in the teaser, “Last night when you was in the shower, I had your phone in my hand and somebody texted you talking about, ‘Are you awake?” Steven assured Martine that she could trust him. The DJ gave the Miami native the password to his phone so that she could check his activity whenever she wanted. Steven reminded Martine that he cheated two years ago. He said, “How you want me to move to Miami, or you wanna move here and you don’t trust me? That don’t make no sense, Martine.

As a DJ, Steven finds himself at the center of attention often because of the nature of his job. Martine is finding it hard to believe that she is at the center of Steven’s attention in their relationship. Even though Steven cheated two years ago, the sting of betrayal still keeps Martine unsure about whether she can trust the DJ. Steven may have made an effort to right his wrong, but it can take a whole lot more to repair trust in a relationship. 

Martine from Love in Paradise: The Caribbean believed that her relationship was worth another chance. The Miami native traveled to Steven’s hometown of Barbados to see if things could work. It can take a lot of proving oneself to restore trust after it has been broken in a relationship. Steven said in a confessional, “She’s coming at me with more of this trust s—t. I can’t take this anymore. Is Steven truly willing to put in the work to ease Martine’s worries?

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Source: Us Weekly

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