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One Piece: Crew Members Ranked By Bravery

With One Piece Film: Red nearing its release date of August 6, 2022, fans of One Piece have been abuzz with ideas for what the movie has in store for the Strawhat Crew. Though whether the events from the film will have any effect on the cannon storyline is still yet to be determined.

One Piece‘s story has been told over the course of 1,000 episodes and counting, and in that time the Strawhats have experienced an enormous amount of battles and dire situations that have put their lives and characters to the test. It’s plenty of material to provide an in-depth character study of each crew member, and it’s clear which of them stand as the bravest of the bunch.


10 Brook

Brook in One Piece

Brook, the Soul King, is the only member of the Straw Hats who can match Luffy’s wacky antics blow for blow. Introduced as the ninth Strawhat, Brook is the groups musician who excels at playing a wide range of musical instruments. As a veteran pirate Brook has an exceptional amount of experience to share with the crew.

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Contrary to the fact that Brook is a literal skeleton, as he once died and was revived by his ridiculously rare Devil Fruit the Yomi Yomi No Mi or Revive Revive Fruit,  he is often terrified by supernatural beings such as ghosts and monsters. Though he does scare easily, he’s no coward, shown by his multiple defeats of exceptionally strong enemies that the rest of the crew struggled against.

9 Franky

General Franky in One Piece

Franky the Cyborg, also known as Cutty Flam, is the eighth Strawhat and works as the crew’s shipwright. He was originally introduced as a minor villain who robbed the Strawhats, though after he was captured by the government and subsequently rescued by the Strawhats, he joined their crew and presented them with their new ship The Thousand Sunny.

The fact that Franky is a cyborg both showcases and diminishes the heroic moments he has. While Franky is more than willing to put his life on the line to save his friends, his ability to sacrifice his body parts and simply attach others slightly diminishes the act of bravery. While he may not be brave, nothing can diminish the level of devotion he shows the crew.

8 Usopp

Usopp outside Kaya's window in One Piece

Usopp, the fourth Straw Hat, originally joined the crew temporarily when he requested their help to defeat the pirate Kuro who was threatening to kill Usopp’s friend Kaya. When he officially joined the crew, he provided the crew with their first ship The Going Merry and their first Jolly Roger that bore the Strawhat’s symbol.

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Usopp was initially a cowardly liar who would often tell plainly untrue stories in an attempt to make himself look brave and cool. However, after joining the Strawhats, Usopp redeemed his past-self by putting his life on the line to save and rescue his friends. While still showing his fear from time to time, Usopp has proven himself to be a reliable and steadfast member of the crew.

7 Tony Tony Chopper

One Piece Chopper Smug Suit

Chopper, the sixth Strawhat, is a Reindeer who ate the Hito Hito no Mi or Human Human Fruit and was granted human-level intelligence and the ability to change his form depending on the situation. Primarily serving as the crew’s doctor, he has also proven himself to be a reliable fighter when needed.

Originally thought of by the marines and other enemies as nothing more than a mascot, Chopper had few opportunities to prove himself. However, after the 2-year time skip, Chopper developed more transformations for himself to allow him greater abilities to aid in fights. Instead of merely allowing his friends to face danger alone, Chopper chose to put himself in harms way to reduce the strain on his fellow Strawhats.

6 Nami

One Piece Nami Navigating Sunny

Nami, the third Strawhat, is a former thief who took advantage of Luffy and Zoro. After assisting Nami and her whole town who were being oppressed by Arlong and his crew, Nami chose to join the boys as their navigator since they were both clueless about Navigation. Still obsessed with treasure, Nami serves as the Navigator, Treasurer, and at times leads other Strawhats when Luffy is not present.

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While Nami possesses incredible physical strength, she is often outclassed by enemy pirates who have the advantage of Devil Fruit powers. However, despite the power gap, Nami has never let that be an excuse to run away. Nami often faces dangerous enemies such as Big Mom’s daughter Brulee head-on. Her bravery and loyalty to the crew and Luffy makes her one of the few people ever trusted with Luffy’s signature hat.

5 Sanji

Sanji is the fifth Strawhat and serves as the crews cook. He proved his loyalty to Luffy and the crew when after a long battle between the Strawhats and Don Krieg’s crew, Sanji saved Luffy from drowning as those with Devil Fruits permanently lose the ability to swim.

As one of the main Strawhat Fighters, Sanji is often tasked with defeating some of the most powerful enemies the series has to offer. Though his body was modified at a young age, Sanji often takes on those battles with his bare hands and feet. By defeating powerful enemies such as Page One of the Beast Pirates, Sanji has proven he’s always up for the challenge of a difficult fight.

4 Jinbe

Jinbe One Piece Colored Art Manga Panels

Jinbe, a One Piece main character in his own right, is the 10th and newest addition to the Strawhats, though he has been an honorary member for quite some time, merely needing to settle important affairs before he officially joined the crew. Jinbe is a former Warlord, a special group of Pirates “sanctioned” by the Marines whose choice to join Luffy had a major impact on the Strawhat crews influence on the world.

During the Whole Cake Island Arc, Jinbe finally returned after completing his business and announced his joining of the Strawhat crew. While the Strawhats were attempting to escape from the island, Jinbe faced Big Mom, the strongest female pirate currently known, showcasing his willingness to risk and sacrifice his life and soul to protect the crew.

3 Nico Robin

One Piece Nico Robin

Robin is an exceptionally gifted scholar and potentially the smartest of all Strawhats, with the only contest being Chopper and his vast medical knowledge. She is also one of the few people in the world able to read the mysterious poneglyphs which lead to her being branded as a threat at the young age of 8.

As a poneglyph reader, Robin has been constantly pursued and hunted by the world government and their attempts to silence her for years. Yet despite all that, Robin chose to not live her life hiding in fear, but chose to openly defy the world government and join the Strawhat crew on her personal quest of finding and deciphering all poneglyphs to learn the void century’s lore, and crucial historical facts.

2 Roronoa Zoro

One Piece Zoro Smirk Wano

Zoro is the second Strawhat and first to join Luffy on his quest to be Pirate King. Before he was to be executed by the Marine’s as a notorious bounty hunter, Luffy freed him from imprisonment and inducted him into his crew. Since then, he has been the most loyal of Luffy’s crew time and time again.

Zoro’s greatest moment of bravery and loyalty to Luffy was when he chose to take on all of Luffy’s pain when he nearly died after Kuma had thoroughly beaten Luffy as Zoro’s attempt to save the crew. While already weakened, he took and survived all the damage that Luffy had accumulated. Zoro did this without even a moment of hesitation, never once giving a second thought to the fact he may have died.

1 Monkey D. Luffy

Loki using haki in One Piece.

Luffy is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates and has vowed to find the mysterious treasure One Piece and become the next Pirate King. Receiving his notable Straw Hat from “Red Hair” Shanks as well as mistakenly eating Shank’s Gomu Gomu no Mi or Gum Gum Fruit, Luffy is one of the most well-known characters in all of Shonen Manga.

In every arc, Luffy has undoubtedly proven his bravery and strength by fighting some of the most dangerous and powerful enemies in the series. His willingness to take on entire crews and their world famous captains to ensure the safety of a single friend has won him the unshakeable loyalty and respect of his entire crew. While he may simply enjoy fighting, Luffy has never backed down from a fight no matter how the odds are stacked against him.

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