The Rock’s Food Truck and Tequila is in Dallas Saturday (It’s Free)

If you follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on social media, you know he’s an advocate for drinking tequila (and sweating, which definitely needs more advocacy). With that big cheesy grin, he loves to remind fans to “drink your tequila,” just like Mom implored us to drink our milk.

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The Rock won’t actually be there, but use your imagination.


But Mom wasn’t a tan, buff, gazillionaire wrestler-turned movie star. So, #YesSirrrr!

On Saturday you’ll get a chance to taste The Rock’s own brand of tequila for free via the Mana Mobile food truck at the Dallas Farmers Market. There will also be free French toast sticks.

The Rock’s small-batch TereMana Tequila is available at many bars and restaurants around North Texas. He harvests all the agave himself with his own bare hands all sweaty with no shirt on. (That’s how it’s done in our imagination. If you know otherwise, please STFU.)  Anyway, in 2021, TereMana was awarded Tequila of the Year by USA Spirits Ratings. So, if you needed just a speck of a reason to legitimize dragging the family to the truck, there you have it. (“It’s an award winner, Larry.”)

The Rock’s Mana Mobile food and drink truck will be at the Dallas Farmer’s Market 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, June 4, handing out free French toast sticks and TereMana spritzes. And he’s buying. (Sadly, he won’t be their himself; the tequila will soothe our disappointment.)

This Friday the Mana Mobile pulled up at Presbyterian Hospital and served first responders. Mana Mobile is traversing the country stopping at military bases, fire stations, hospitals and similar locations to show appreciation toward the nation’s first responders, making sure they’re drinking their tequila.

But, Saturday at the Farmers Market (920 S. Harwood St.) you can be just a casual passerby who shows up whenever, not necessarily first, to get a taste of The Rock; or more specifically French toast sticks and tequila spritzes. But use your imagination as needed … 

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