This Vitamin-Infused Body Lotion Contains Prebiotics To Maintain Healthy Skin

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Here's a friendly reminder regarding your skincare routine — you gotta keep your skin moisturised on a daily basis!

And we’re not just talking about your face, y’all. Applying lotion all over your body right after a shower is essential in keeping moisture locked in throughout the day. If not, you might experience flaky and dry skin, which can be irritating to deal with. :/

It's also a good practice to apply lotion that is infused with ingredients that can help you maintain healthy and bright skin, such as vitamins and prebiotics

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Vitamins do play an important role in skincare. For instance, niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that helps rebuild healthy skin cells and brighten your skin. And it’s no secret that vitamin C also works great for the skin, as it has a hydrating effect.

As for prebiotics, it helps to optimise and maintain a healthy skin microbiome. Consisting of billions of microorganisms that inhabit our skin, the microbiome strengthens the skin barrier and protects against pathogens and infections. 

That’s why you should keep a lookout for lotions that include these nutrients, so you can see positive results in the long run.

ICYMI, Vaseline has added a brand new lotion to their Super Vitamin Serum lineup, and it's infused with prebiotics! 😀

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Available in both 110ml and 360ml, the Vaseline Super Vitamin Serum Peach is the first of the range to contain prebiotics, which feed the healthy bacteria known as probiotics in your body for a healthy microbiome skin barrier.

Like the other Super Vitamin Serum lotions, it has a lightweight and non-sticky texture. Since it absorbs quickly into the skin, you won’t have to worry about that sticky, greasy residue that often is left behind by lotions, woohoo!

Achieving bright, even-toned, and hydrated skin is possible with the Vaseline Super Vitamin Serum Peach, as it is also formulated with both vitamin B3 and C

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The Super Vitamin formula contains 10X* vitamin B3 for bright, strong, and hydrated skin. Plus, it is made from 100% natural peach extract, which means it is packed with plenty of vitamin C to keep your skin looking bouncy and hydrated.  

Not to mention, being formulated with peach extract also means that this body lotion gives off a refreshing, fruity scent that you’ll love, as it has a subtle sweet smell that isn’t too strong. 

*Vitamin B3 content versus Vaseline Healthy Bright SPF24 PA++ Lotion.

Based on clinical tests with regular use. Results vary depending on individual skin type. Cosmetics cannot change the natural skin colour.

Wanna try this peach-scented hand and body lotion for yourself? Get the Vaseline Super Vitamin Serum Peach via Watson's online store now!

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