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Health Canada announced its approval for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children under the age of five on Thursday.

The Ontario government is expected to receive its first shipment of the vaccine next week. Health Canada says children will be given doses that are one-quarter the size adults receive.

Health Canada also said they would also be monitoring children and require Moderna to provide updated data on the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

CBC News talked to parents on the streets of London, Ont., to find out what they have to say about getting their young ones vaccinated.

London mom Sabrina Hartin with her three children Shea, Zoey, and Aurora. (Mah Noor Mubarik/CBC)

Sabrina Hartin, a mother of three girls under the age of 10, said she’s going to hold off on getting her kids vaccinated.

Hartin said two of her kids were born prematurely and have dealt with past health concerns. Her four-year-old child Zoey was born three months early and had lung and heart complications.

“We didn’t want to get them the vaccine in case it made more problems.” she said. “We’re waiting for it, and we’re kind of seeing how it goes.”

Hartin said she is vaccinated herself and is practicing precautions like social distancing, but wants to wait and see the pros and cons of children getting the vaccine and if there are any long-term effects.

“I’m just kind of keeping an eye on it, making sure that there is nothing to worry about, right? Because they’re kids, they can’t always speak out about the problem.”

London parents Alexis White and Darin Kennedy with their children Darin and Jazmyn. (Kate Dubinski/ CBC )

Another family is also going to wait to see if they should vaccinate their one-year-old son.

Alexis White said they might vaccinate their son, Darin, when he is two or three years old. Right now, she said she’s breastfeeding and they had already contracted COVID-19, but were only sick for a day and a half.

“I figure he doesn’t really need it yet, until maybe after I’m done breastfeeding,” she said, adding she’s not sure when that will happen.

White also said because the vaccine is so new, they would wait to give him the shot. Darin Kennedy, the one-year-old’s father, said he’s concerned because their child is so young.

“We’re pro-shot, but I’m just worried because he’s a baby…because it is new. That’s kind of what’s on our minds,” he said.

London dad Bryan Robertson with his children Ben and Chris. (Mah Noor Mubarik/CBC )

Another family says they are going to wait, but does plan on getting their young ones vaccinated.

“We’ll be getting vaccinated…mostly for safety,” said Bryan Robertson, who has two sons aged four and two.

While joking with his son, Ben, Robertson said he isn’t a huge fan of needles, but they would get the shot for his health.

According to Health Canada, around 1.7 million kids across the country are now eligible to be vaccinated.

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